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Oregon Court Records

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Oregon Marriage Records

Marriage records are official documents created and stored by government agencies with information about couples who have gotten married. In Oregon, such records include the license application, marriage license, and record of marriage forms that were submitted after the wedding ceremony.

County clerk’s offices often offer certified copies of marriage records immediately or soon after the final application has been submitted to their office. This record will usually contain information about the couple, including the following:

  • Their full legal names
  • The legal name that was taken after this marriage
  • Their dates of birth and places of birth
  • The location of the marriage
  • The date of the marriage
  • Their Sex
  • Occupations
  • Previous marital status
  • Their current addresses, including their city, county, and ZIP code
  • Their parent's full names
  • The couple's signatures

Certified marriage records also have official information, such as local or state file numbers.

What Types of Marriage Records are Available in Oregon

Oregon has different types of marriage records, including marriage licenses and certificates. Oregon also issues certified copies of records of registered domestic partnerships.

Marriage Certificate:

Marriage certificates are official documents that prove that a couple has been legally married. They are normally issued to the couple in Oregon after the marriage. Oregon Vital Records issues married couples official certified copies of marriage certificates. The certificate is printed on special security paper with a state file number. It is usually available approximately one month from the date the marriage paperwork was submitted to the county office.

Marriage License:

A marriage license is a legal document that grants a couple permission to marry and must be applied for and obtained before the wedding. To apply for a license to get married in Oregon, the couple must meet the following criteria:

  • They must be 18 years old. 17-year-olds may obtain a license with a signed consent form from either their parents or legal guardians, who must be present when the license is purchased
  • They cannot be currently married or be in a registered domestic partnership with another person
  • They cannot be first cousins or any nearer of kin to each other

Are Oregon Marriage Records Public?

Under Oregon's vital record laws, marriage records become public 50 years after the event. Anyone can request public records in the state, including marriage records that have exceeded the time limit. However, until the time has elapsed, access to marriage records in Oregon is restricted to certain authorized persons.

How to Find Marriage Records in Oregon

Marriage records in Oregon can be obtained from the Vital Records Office of the Oregon Centre for Health Statistics. Members of the public can also get marriage records, such as licenses and certificates, by contacting the Oregon County county clerk where the marriage occurred.

To request or find a certified copy of a marriage record in Oregon, you can contact the Vital Records Office. Requests can be made in person, by mail, online, telephone, or by submitting the request via the Vital Records Office drop box. The first record ordered will cost a nonrefundable fee of $28, which includes a $3 security fee for applicant identity verification. Each additional copy of the same record ordered simultaneously will cost $25.

Residents can schedule in-person appointments online on the Vital Records Office website. Requesters should check into their appointment at least ten minutes early at:

The Portland State Office Building, 

1st floor,

800 NE Oregon Street.

Customers applying in person will use a self-service kiosk to place the order. During the appointment, requesters will be expected to provide record information, their social security number, and Valid ID or alternate ID documents. Payments can be made by cash, credit or debit cards, and money orders. Personal or business checks can be used if they are accepted by the electronic funds transfer software (EFT). In-person applications are usually processed in about 30 minutes.

Mail requests are made by filling out the order form and returning it to the office with the required documents. Mailed requests must include an order form with complete record information, a copy of a valid ID or alternate documents, and the applicant's signature. In some cases applicants may need further documentation such as a power of attorney, change of name, or proof of legal guardianship.

Payment should be included in the form of a money order or check payable to Oregon Health Authority, Vital Records. The application should be mailed to the Vital Records Office at:

Oregon Vital Records

PO Box 14050

Portland OR 97293

Mailed requests are processed within five weeks from the date the order was received at the Vital Records Office. Applicants should include a pre-paid, pre-addressed delivery envelope if the records will be returned by any method other than USPS regular mail.

For a Drop Box application, the application package should be placed in a sealed envelope and placed in the Drop Box at:

Oregon Vital Records

800 NE Oregon Street 

Portland OR 97232

The drop box is located at the west door entrance in the parking lot. Applicants should allow for five weeks of processing time from when the application was received.

How to Get a Marriage License in Oregon

Marriage licenses permit couples to marry and must be obtained before a wedding. On the other hand, marriage certificates prove a marriage occurred and are obtained after a marriage. To obtain a marriage license, the couple must visit a clerk's office in any of Oregon’s counties. Marriage license application forms can be purchased from the County Clerks of these counties.

The couple will be required to fill out the form together, providing the information required, including full names, dates of birth, and social security numbers. The couple must also provide valid photo identification, like a passport or driver’s license. Proof of a dissolution or an annulment will be required if any couple has been married before.

The fees for these licenses may vary from county to county, so it is advised to check with the chosen county. After submitting the application, paying the license fee, and collecting it, there is a 3-day period before it is valid to use. The marriage license is usable for 60 days after it becomes valid. It should be noted that marriage licenses obtained in one county of Oregon may be used in any county in the state.

Who can obtain Marriage Records in Oregon?

Marriage records in Oregon only become public records 50 years after the marriage was held. Before that time limit has passed, only certain authorized persons are eligible to request and obtain marriage records. These authorized persons are as follows:

  • The registrants, meaning the Bride and Groom named on the record
  • Their parents or legal guardians
  • The siblings, children, or grandchildren of the couple who are aged 18 years and above
  • A government agency or any third party legally authorized to request the record.
  • A legal representative or court-approved representative of any of the above, such as an attorney 

When requesting the record, the requester must state their relationship to the person named on the record. After 50 years have passed, the records become public and can be requested by any member of the public.

Can You Lookup Online Marriage Records For Free in Oregon

Members of the public can look up Oregon marriage records for free at the Oregon State Archives. There are self-service facilities in the archive’s reference room where records are available as microfilms and publications. Members of the public can also request research services at the archive. Records can be found if requesters provide relevant information to staff at archives.

County Clerk and Records offices in Oregon also offer citizens the option to search for marriage records online for free. For example, Wasco County allows individuals to search for their marriage licenses using the Wasco County Digital Research Room. It should be noted that although marriage records can be viewed for free, ordering copies will cost a fee. There are also third-party websites that allow requesters to search for marriage licenses online. These are good alternatives as they are convenient for people who cannot make inquiries in person.

Is Oregon a Common Law State for Marriage?

Oregon does not offer its citizens common-law marriages. However, when a couple from a state that recognizes common law marriages moves to Oregon and still meets the requirements from their home state, Oregon will recognize the common law marriage as valid in Oregon.

Couples in Oregon have the option to enter registered domestic partnerships. To be eligible to file for a registered domestic partnership, couples must meet the following requirements: 

  • They must be at least 18 years of age
  • At least one of the partners must be a resident of Oregon
  • None of the partners can presently be married or be in another legally recognized domestic partnership
  • Domestic partnerships are available to both heterosexual and homosexual couples as of 1st January 2024

Couples can obtain the Declaration of Oregon Registered Domestic Partnership form online or from their local county clerk's office. Follow the instructions to fill out the form, sign it in the presence of a notary public, and then submit it to the county clerk’s office. Records of domestic partnerships have the same restrictions as marriage records and become public after 50 years. Certified copies of the record can be ordered from the county clerk’s office or Oregon’s Vital Records Office.

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