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Oregon Court Records

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Clackamas County Court Records

Clackamas County court records are any documentary material created or received by a court in connection with its adjudicative function. Courts within Clackamas County, Oregon, maintain these records from the initial filing of a case to its final judgment. The records include court orders, judgments, dockets, transcripts, motions, and exhibits.

Clackamas County court records serve various purposes, including providing an official account of legal proceedings, preserving the rights of parties involved in cases, and providing transparency and accountability within the judicial system.

Are Court Records Public in Clackamas County?

Yes. In Clackamas County, court records are publicly available per the Oregon Public Records Law, which establishes a presumption of accessibility for most government records, including those related to court proceedings.

However, there are exceptions to this law. Certain types of information may be exempt from public disclosure to safeguard privacy or maintain the integrity of ongoing investigations. Some examples of exempt information include personal identifiers like Social Security numbers, certain medical records, and juvenile court proceedings.

Clackamas County Court Records Search

Members of the public have various options for performing a Clackamas County Court Records Search. They can utilize online platforms offered by the Circuit Court, visit the courthouse in person, or submit requests via mail or email. Each option has specific procedures and criteria for accessing court records.

Clackamas County Court Records Search by Name

Members of the public may access Clackamas County court records by name online via the Oregon Judicial Department's website or in person at the local courthouse.

For an online search, individuals can navigate to the Oregon Judicial Department's website, locate the Records Search section, and input the individual's name, specifying Clackamas County. After reviewing the search results, users can click on specific cases to view further information, such as filed documents. However, some records may require a courthouse visit or payment for access.

Alternatively, individuals can conduct an in-person search by visiting the Clackamas County Courthouse during operating hours. Once there, they can request these records at the court clerk's office, where they must provide identification and relevant details about the sought-after case. With the assistance of court staff, they can locate and review the records, potentially paying a fee for copies.

Clackamas County Courts

The court system in Clackamas County consists of Circuit, Justice, and Municipal courts. Below are the courts' addresses:

Clackamas County Circuit Court
Clackamas County Courthouse
807 Main Street
Oregon City, OR 97045


Ralph M. Holman Law Center
821 Main Street
Oregon City, OR 97045


Juvenile Court
2121 Kaen Road
Oregon City, OR 97045


Clackamas County Justice Court
11750 Southeast 82nd Avenue
Suite D
Happy Valley, OR 97086
Phone: (503) 794-3800


Canby Municipal Court
222 Northeast 2nd Avenue
Canby, OR 97013
Phone: (503) 266-4027
Fax: (503) 263-0019


Estacada Municipal Court
475 Southeast Main Street
Estacada, OR 97023
Phone: (503) 630-8270, ext. 200
Fax: (503) 630-8280


Gladstone Municipal Court
Gladstone Civic Center
18505 Portland Avenue
Gladstone, OR 97027
Phone: (503) 656-5225, ext. 3
Fax: (503) 557-2761


Happy Valley Municipal Court
16000 Southeast Misty Drive
Happy Valley, OR 97086
Phone: (503) 783-3800


Johnson City Municipal Court
16120 Southeast 81st Street
Johnson City, OR 97267
Phone: (503) 655-9710


Lake Oswego Municipal Court
Lake Oswego City Hall
380 A Avenue
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Phone: (503) 635-0217
Fax: (503) 697-6570


Milwaukie Municipal Court
10501 Southeast Main Street
Milwaukie, OR 97222
Phone: (503) 786-7555


Molalla Municipal Court
Molalla City Hall
117 North Molalla Avenue
Molalla, OR 97038
Phone: (503) 829-7711
Fax: (503) 829-3676


Oregon City Municipal Court
1234 Linn Avenue
Oregon City, OR 97045
Phone: (503) 905-3675


Sandy Municipal Court
39250 Pioneer Boulevard
Sandy, OR 97055
Phone: (503) 668-5533


West Linn Municipal Court
West Linn City Hall
22500 Salamo Road
West Linn, OR 97068
Phone: (503) 656-4263
Fax: (503) 742-8599


Wilsonville Municipal Court
29799 Southwest Town Center Loop East
Wilsonville, OR 97070
Phone: (503) 570-1587
Fax: (503) 682-1015

Clackamas County Superior Court Case Search

The Clackamas County Circuit Court is the equivalent of a Superior Court. Consequently, interested members of the public may conduct a Superior or a Circuit Court case search thus:

Online Search

  • Access the Oregon judiciary's website to submit a records request electronically. The case party's full name or case number may be required to initiate the search, and the court may take up to 5 business days or more to complete a request.
  • Access relevant search tools on the OJD Records and Calendar Search page to view circuit court calendars and basic case information.

In-Person Queries

  • Visit the Clackamas County Courthouse during regular business hours and proceed to the Records Center (Room 12). Staff can assist with accessing the desired records. The circuit court's website outlines further information on the research process.

Mail or Email Request

  • If unable to search online or visit in person, inquirers can download, complete, and submit the Public Records Request Form via mail to 807 Main Street, Room 12, Oregon City, OR 97045 or via email at CLAPublic.Records.Request@ojd.state.or.us.
  • If sending by mail, a self-addressed stamped envelope should be included for document return.

Fees for accessing court records in Clackamas County vary based on the type of copies needed and the scope of a search. For instance, the copy fee is 25 cents per page, certified copies cost $5 (in addition to the per-page copy charge), and exemplified copies cost $10 (in addition to the per-page copy charge).

The Clackamas County Circuit Court oversees civil cases like personal injury lawsuits and contract disputes, criminal cases ranging from felonies to misdemeanors, probate cases, and juvenile matters.

Clackamas County District Court Records

The court system in Oregon does not include a "district court," like in some U.S. states. Instead, Oregon primarily operates with circuit courts as the general trial courts for each county. Clackamas County is no exception and does not have a district court.

However, the county has a justice court with limited jurisdiction and several municipal courts that handle violations within city limits. The Clackamas County Justice Court handles various cases, including traffic violations, misdemeanors, small claims, civil cases (up to $10,000), and landlord-tenant evictions. Records from these courts can be obtained by visiting or contacting a presiding courthouse within business hours to request records. There may be associated fees, depending on the type of request.

Clackamas County Criminal Records

Clackamas County criminal records held by law enforcement agencies are accessible to the public, albeit with some restrictions. Criminal records contain crucial information about Clackamas County arrests, charges, and other criminal activities within the county's jurisdiction.

To access the records, individuals can query the law enforcement agency responsible for an arrest. For instance, the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office and local police departments often offer online databases where users can look up or request Clackamas arrest records by entering an individual's name or specific case details. However, requesters must create an account to use the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office database.

Additionally, inquirers can visit the records divisions of these agencies during regular business hours to request records in person. This includes completing necessary forms, presenting identification (if required), and paying associated charges. Agencies may charge fees to requesters, particularly for obtaining certified copies. Note that access requirements can vary by agency and request type.

Clackamas County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Individuals seeking information on criminal court cases in Clackamas County have several options:

Free Online Records Search: The Oregon Judicial Department's Smart Search and eCourt Calendar portals offer court calendars and basic case information for the circuit courts, including the Clackamas County Circuit Court. Users can conduct searches by name or case number.

OJCIN Online: The Oregon Judicial Case Information Network (OJCIN) provides extensive access to criminal court case information. As a subscription-based service, OJCIN provides access to judgment dockets and the official Register of Actions for the state courts of Oregon, including the Clackamas County Circuit Court. Subscribers of OJCIN can access in-depth case details, including filings, judgments, and court actions.

Offline Access: Individuals can visit or contact the court that heard the criminal case in Clackamas County for personalized assistance.

Get Clackamas County Civil Court Records

Clackamas County civil court records are legal documents detailing disputes involving individuals, organizations, or other entities. These records cover a range of issues, including contractual disagreements, property conflicts, personal injury cases, and family-related matters such as divorce and child support.

To obtain these records, inquirers may query the court that heard the case. For cases heard in the circuit court, requesters may submit a formal request to the Clackamas County Circuit Court in person, via mail, or by email, or they may access online databases provided on the Oregon judiciary's website. Specific case information, such as the parties' names, case numbers, and pertinent dates, must be provided. Typically, a fee is associated with retrieving and duplicating court records.

Clackamas County Family Court Records

In Clackamas County, the Circuit Court is the designated authority for adjudicating family law matters. The court's jurisdiction encompasses divorce proceedings, legal separations, disputes over child custody and parenting time, child support obligations, and more. For those seeking access to family court records in Clackamas County, the court provides the following options:

In-Person Access: Individuals may utilize public access terminals in Room 12 of the local county courthouse to look up family court records at no cost.

Written Requests: Parties interested in inspecting or obtaining copies of court records can submit their requests in writing. They can make the request in person, via mail, or via email.

Electronic Requests: A Public Records Request Form can be completed and submitted electronically through the circuit court's website (select "Court Records" from the left menu and follow the prompts under "Copy Requests").

Family court records are the official documentation of the legal proceedings and outcomes in family law cases. They typically hold personal and legal significance for the parties involved in these cases.

It is worth noting that while many family court records are available to the public, certain records may be restricted. This measure is put in place to safeguard the privacy of individuals, for example, minors and victims of domestic violence.

Clackamas Dissolution of Marriage Records

To retrieve records pertaining to marital dissolution in Clackamas County, inquirers will be required to provide information such as the case identifier, the names of the individuals involved, and the dissolution date.

Requesters may explore the Oregon Judicial Department's OECI (Oregon eCourt Case Information) system for online record availability. This platform offers access to various court case details, including marital dissolutions. Should the records be available, they may be viewed and obtained directly from the system.

If a record is not available online or if the individual prefers a physical copy, they can query the Clackamas County Circuit Court via mail or in person. The court's records team can assist in finding and procuring the documents.

Clackamas County Marriage and Divorce Records

Clackamas County divorce records can be obtained from the county's Circuit Court using in the same way that other court records are accessed. However, the Clackamas County Clerk's Recording Division manages marriage records. Clackamas County marriage records detail information about marriage licenses issued in the county. Individuals can visit the Recording Division in person to obtain marriage certificates or submit a request by mail, providing essential details such as the spouses' full names and the marriage date. Mail requests should be addressed to:

Clackamas County Clerk
Recording Division
1710 Red Soils Court
Oregon City, OR 97045
Phone: (503) 655-8659

Fees apply to obtain copies of Clackamas County marriage certificates.

Clackamas County Birth and Death Records

Persons seeking Clackamas County birth and death records can contact the Clackamas County Vital Records Division. This division is responsible for maintaining and distributing records of birth and death incidents in the county.

To acquire a Clackamas County birth certificate or death certificate, visit the Clackamas County Vital Records Division or use online means (birth/death records). Requesters must provide detailed information, including the registrant's complete name, date of birth or death, and other pertinent details that may aid the record research. Requesters must also pay the $25 fee associated with acquiring record copies.

Access to birth and death records is restricted under Oregon state law to protect individuals' privacy, particularly records less than 100 years old. Access to recent records may be restricted to individuals who can prove a direct and tangible interest, such as immediate family members or legal representatives.

Birth and death records provide legal documentation of important life events, aid in genealogical research, contribute to public health and demographic analysis, and are necessary for inheritance claims and medical research.

Clackamas County Probate Court Records

Clackamas County Probate court records contain information about the legal process following a person's death, including the validation of wills and the distribution of the deceased's assets. These records are managed by the Probate Division of the Clackamas County Circuit Court. Individuals interested in accessing probate court records have several options.

Inquirers may explore the Oregon Judicial Department's Smart Search tool, contact the Clackamas County Circuit Court Clerk at (503) 655-8447 (select option 7), or visit the local courthouse. A Clackamas County Public Records Request Form is also available for those who prefer to mail or email their requests.

The cost of obtaining copies of probate court records can vary, depending on how the records are accessed and the types of documents requested.

Clackamas County Property Records

The Clackamas County Assessor's Office provides an online resource with which interested persons can look up Clackamas County property records. The tool can be accessed from the Assessor's homepage by selecting "Find Your Tax Balance and Property Information". Users can find property information with a property address or account number.

Should one prefer a more direct approach, the Assessor's office welcomes in-person visits for record requests at the following address:

150 Beavercreek Road
Room 135
Oregon City, OR 97045
Phone: (503) 655-8671
Email: propertytaxinfo@clackamas.us

Property records maintained by the Assessor's office include a property's ownership details (current and historical), assessment data, physical attributes, zoning, legal description, and sales history.

Property records filed into the county's official public records (liens, deeds, mortgages, etc.) can also be obtained from the Clackamas County Clerk's Recording Division.

Clackamas property records help facilitate real estate transactions, aid property valuation, inform land use planning, and support historical research. These records are invaluable to individuals, businesses, or governmental entities involved in real estate and land management dealings.

Clackamas County Court Records Online

Third-party websites like Oregoncourtrecords.us are convenient alternatives for individuals seeking access to Clackamas County court records online. These platforms offer user-friendly interfaces that allow users to search for and retrieve a wide range of court records, including civil, criminal, and traffic court cases, from the comfort of their homes or offices. With 24/7 availability and advanced search functionalities, users can efficiently locate specific cases or documents without needing physical visits to the courthouse. Although some platforms may charge a fee for premium features, the overall cost may be more affordable than official resources, making online access an attractive option for many.

However, there are limitations associated with using third-party online resources to access court records. Users must be cautious of potential inaccuracies or incompleteness in the records, as these platforms rely on publicly available data, which may vary in accuracy and comprehensiveness. Additionally, certain sensitive information, such as sealed proceedings or details involving minors, may be unavailable online and only accessible at the courthouse to protect privacy.

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